WX5AB -- Adventures in Amateur Radio


Software developer and meteorologist by trade, a fellow graduate student and avid storm-chaser/spotter mentioned to me the joys of amateur radio back in April of 2008.  Shortly thereafter, I decided that this was a hobby that would be both fun, and practical.  I do, on occasion, storm chase/spot, and would love a means of communication with my compatriots that was reliable in rural areas, as well as a link back to the NWS forecast offices.  Likewise, the thought of being able to talk all over the world and through satellites sounded like fun.  I was first licensed in May 2008 as KE5UOJ, later WX5AMB, and now WX5AB.  These are the chronicles of my adventures in amateur radio.

As a Mac and iPhone user, I’ve been unsatisfied with the number and quality of applications geared toward the Ham.  I’m currently looking into areas where I could create useful applications for these platforms.  If you have any ideas, feel free to contact me via webmaster at laminarchaos dot net.



Left: Yaesu FT-1802 previously installed in my Subaru Legacy.

Right: Field Day 2008 with members of the local amateur radio club, SCARS.